Healing v. Curing

I am obligated to tell you the following: My PhD is in history, not medicine. The information provided in sessions, product inserts, on this website, in rituals, or in card readings is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. Mamie’s Way and Mamie’s Way Herbs, LLC does not provide medical advice or treatment. Information about herbal products is for educational purposes only; neither the products nor the information have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. For any and all physical or mental health concerns, consult your physician or licensed therapist.

What do I offer via Mamie’s Way? Support on your healing journey to wellness and wholeness. To explain further, I share the following excerpt from Nicky Clinch’s book Surrender: Break Free of the Past, Realize Your Power, Live Beyond Your Story:

“We live in a world obsessed with fixing things, but there is a big difference between ‘fixing’ and ‘healing.’ Fixing is looking at the thing that is broken and trying to put it back together the way it was before. With fixing, no change occurs: no new possibility, no growth, no expansion. It’s merely finding the way back to where you were.

“Healing is a whole other process. Healing is looking at what is broken and using the opportunity to dive into a deeper process of discovering what might be causing the ‘breaking’; diving deeply into an exploration of what hasn’t been working in order to learn from it. And then releasing the elements that contributed to the breaking and adopting new elements that will work much better. In the healing process we evolve, grow and expand into a new way of being. That breaking allows an evolution to occur, and through it we can allow something much more positive to emerge. There is a distinct possibility that those areas of your life that are causing you the most pain are not actually the problem. They may be occurring and showing up and repeating themselves over and over again for a reason. They do not need fixing; they are the entry points through which you can experience your deepest levels of healing. They are the gateways to your growth and expansion. They are showing you where to look. They are calling you to look into them so that you can come home to your wholeness, so that you can heal.”

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