Customized Rituals

We all have rituals that we perform every day. Usually, we dismiss them as habits and don’t give any meaning to them. What happens, though, if you pause and consider why you do the little things you do? Why do you always dry off your right arm first (or your left, or your head)? Why always sit in the same chair in the classroom or conference room? Why take the same route on your daily dog walk? Perhaps these are matters of convenience or accessibility. What if we gave them a deeper meaning? What if you dry off your right arm first because you then move clockwise over your body, sweeping away negative thoughts as well as the excess water? Perhaps we sit in the same chair because doing so makes us feel in control and ready for the day. Perhaps our walking route becomes a way to connect with our natural environment and our community in a way that we don’t otherwise have the time to do.

Intention and connection are at the heart of ritual. When we engage in a ritual — whether it is something as mundane as the examples above or as elaborate as a religious service — we open the opportunity to welcome the sacred into our lives. When we move, speak, and think with intention, we harness the energy within and around us, infusing it with our desires, and deploying it accordingly. Energetically we connect with the natural world, with other people, with animals, with spirits, with all that there is. After all, we are all One. We are all made of stardust.

The rituals offered by Mamie’s Way are personalized and dedicated to soul healing and spiritual growth for individuals or small groups. Whether you are moving through a milestone moment in your life that you want to mark with a special rite, or a group of friends are drawn to connect with the phases of the moon or seasonal shifts, Mamie’s Way offers a ritual to help you celebrate, heal, and grow.

Contact Carolyn to explore how a customized ritual might be right for you.

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